a maintenance service

The Clean Bees Housekeeping Service offers a beautifully detailed clean, delivered by our skilled and friendly team. The Clean Bees cleaning specification has been designed to offer a deeper clean as standard, meaning our clean is never cursory, and will reach the areas that most of us don’t have the time (or inclination!) to clean ourselves. 

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Our housekeeping team take pride in maintaining your home as if it were their own, treating it with care and attention each time.  It is our methodical approach to cleaning methods, which enables our teams to clean the rooms in your home thoroughly and logically, to an exemplary, professional standard. What’s more, The Bee Team seek to create the “wow factor” at each visit by leaving thoughtful finishing touches - our aim is to consistently make coming home to a clean and cared for house, a real treat for our clients!

Clean Bees offer a fully supplied housekeeping service.

Meaning we provide everything that is needed to clean your home to the highest standard.

A highly effective range of eco-cleaning products will make your home sparkle, without harming you or your family, pets or the environment. The bonus being, they smell divine! 

When it comes to floors, our Henry vacuum cleaners have been upgraded to feature HEPAFLO filters and bags – approved by the British Allergy Association. This means what goes in, stays in, making them the perfect choice for homes with allergy sufferers or pets. At The Hive, we believe in the power of steam and we use the Karcher to steam tiled floors as standard. This method is far superior to mopping, offering a high finish and the peace of mind that bacteria has been eliminated, without the need for harsh chemicals.