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After your initial enquiry, we will arrange to come to see you for a consultation. Primarily this meeting provides an opportunity for us to say “Hello”, whilst quickly gathering detailed information about you and your business.  Meeting you in person and seeing the workplace first-hand, allows us to gain a holistic understanding of your company – our aim is for our service to have purpose, and by getting to know you and establishing exactly how Clean Bees can support your business, we can achieve our ultimate objective - to help you to “Bee the Best”!   


We understand the importance of ensuring that our team hits the ground running, and provides a smooth transition.  Once appointed, our operations team spring into action, devising bespoke cleaning checklist, just for your business, you are welcome to review and input into this process if you wish.  Once we have a start date set, we appoint a Team Leader to oversee the work and fully brief our team on the specifics of the job.  By approaching the work in this way prior to starting, we ensure that our service picks up exactly where the last provider left off. 


Clean Bees offer a fully supplied service, meaning we provide everything that is needed to clean your premises to the highest standard.  We use highly effective range of eco-cleaning products will make your property sparkle, without harming you, your clients or the environment.  The bonus being, they smell divine!  Method is our product brand of choice – please see methodproducts.co.uk for more information.

When it comes to floors, our Henry vacuum cleaners have been upgraded to feature HEPAFLO filters and bags – approved by the British Allergy Association.  This means what goes in, stays in, making them the perfect choice for service environments where either your team or your clients may suffer from dust related allergies.  Clean Bees believe in the power of steam and we use the Karcher to steam floors as standard.  This method is far superior to mopping, offering a high finish and the peace of mind that bacteria has been eliminated, without the need for harsh chemicals.  We can also supply a whole host of sundries, from hand soap to dishwasher tablets, please ask us for more information.


The Bee Team will carry out their work at a time to suit you and the needs of your business, to allow you to operate effectively and without disruption.  A professional approach to all aspects of our business is key to our success.  For our operational staff, we truly believe that our team is an extension of your team, and therefore a polite, professional attitude is a must.  We take the behavior and appearance of our team very seriously, and you can be assured that aside from being friendly, our team will always be immaculately presented, wearing a smart company uniform, whilst carrying clean and tidy equipment. 


You will receive ongoing support from our dedicated Client Liaison team, who will be on hand to ensure the contract runs smoothly.  This contact can be as regular as you feel is appropriate for your business – we are always available if you want to say “Hello” or discuss any elements of the service, however we know how busy you are, and will never disturb you without being invited.

  • Health and Safety managed in house.

  • SMAS accredited.

  • Clean Bees are insured to cover every eventuality. Copies of our certificates are available on request.