Our Story

Operating from The Hive,our service base in Bristol, we understand that to compete in a highly competitive market, Clean Bees has to be different. 

Since Clean Bees was established, our goal has been to create an exemplary service that provides the very best cleaning team, whilst operating professionally and ethically.  We champion a personal approach to the delivery of exceptional customer service, and a commitment to providing a highly trained, reliable and friendly team.  It all sounds so simple, however, our experience has been that existing providers do not seem able to deliver all of these crucial elements. 

Furthermore, Clean Bees seek to differentiate by offering a fully “bee-spoke” service, which can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client.  Our aim is to provide a service that has purpose, and by establishing a service that values our clients as individuals, we believe we can achieve our ultimate objective – to support you to “Bee the Best”, at work and at home.

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Bee Ethical

Clean Bees are committed to operating in a conscientious manner.  Our ethos is to carefully consider the wider impacts of our business operations, and adjust our practices wherever possible to ensure we are ethically sound. 

To give you a flavor of our approach

  • Our team use high quality eco-cleaning products as our primary choice

  • We recycle all product bottles and refill as we go.

  • We use steam cleaning methods to eliminate the need for harsh chemicals.

  • All our company communications and client invoicing is paperless.

  • We do not use plastic bags, using washable cotton and jute bags to carry our cloths.

Perhaps one of the proudest ethical commitments we make as a business is that unlike many of our competitors, we do not use zero-hours contracts.  We make a commitment of hours per week to all members of our team, and seek to adjust working hours to suit each individual employee.  This assurance means our staff retention rate is extremely high, and helps us to keep a happy Hive! 


Bee Trained

At Clean Bees, we want our team to be of the highest caliber. 

By investing in training from day one, we ensure that our team deliver professional cleaning services, consistently, to the highest standard. 

We are highly selective when sourcing new team members, and after a 3 stage interview process, successful candidates are put through their paces over an initial 2-week training period, resulting in a training assessment and sign-off as a fully-fledged Bee!  We are committed to the ongoing training and development of our team, and hold monthly training sessions at “The Hive”, our operations workshop based in Clifton.

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I would go as far to say Clean Bees are outstanding. From the minute I met Holly I knew we’d work well together. Her professional, friendly approach and understanding of what the client needs is great.
As for the Bees, Brilliant! After they’ve been and worked there magic I walk into a wonderfully clean and sparkling home every time. We have a specific list that the girls do each week but it’s never a problem if I want to swap something. Sometimes I even find they’ve done something I hadn’t expected which is always a lovely surprise! Nothing is ever too much trouble!
— Claire, Clifton

Bee Safe and Secure

Clean Bees view the safety and well-being of our clients, team and the general public as paramount.  Visiting every job before we commence works allows us to conduct risk assessments and ensure that we can work safely. 

To demonstrate our commitment to health and safety, Clean Bees have achieved SMAS accreditation for the past 3 years.  As part of this assessment, our internal processes and procedures are examined, and approved to be at level that means we are safe to work not only in homes and offices, but also in more high-risk areas such as building sites.  Please see for more information.

Clean Bees hold comprehensive insurance to cover every eventuality – copies of our certificates are available on request.